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Century Clouds

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This sick remix had to be shared
Someone remixed Centuries (Fall Out Boy) and Clouds (One Direction) and the result: amazing

OH WILL SOMEONE GET THE ONE DIRECTION BLOKES A KNIGHTHOOD ALREADY. Not only are they generally lovely lads, potentially angels in disguise and definitely heaven sent creatures, but now they’ve raised a massive £600k for a cancer charity through their ticket sales.

If someone could grab some halos and fluffy wings that would be great, ’cause 1D have donated 50p from every ticket sold last year on their Where We Are world tour to Stand Up To Cancer, generating a massive £600k donation. Incredible.

Which, er, if our Year 6 maths teacher taught us anything at all, works out as 30,000,000 tickets – which is impressive in itself, no?

The figures were released by company ODOT (One Direction On Tour), and as far as we’re concerned, anything that involves Niall, Harry, Liam and Louis waggling their crotches around in the name of charity is a-okay and dandy with us.

The boys have previously raised shed loads of dollar for SUTC with competitions and the opportunity for fans to win once in a life time prizes, generally proving that they’re great and winning at life.

Moral of the story? One Direction concerts = donating money to charity. WIN WIN.

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July 3rd – Niall at the Wireless Festival in Finsbury Park x18 HQ photos


July 3rd – Niall at the Red Bull Tropical Edition Party at the Box in Soho x9 HQ photos


Harry at LAX

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July 3rd – Harry at LAX x26 HQ photos


Niall at Modest’s Summer Party

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July 2nd – Niall arriving at Modest’s Summer Party x7 HQ photos


July 2nd – Niall leaving Modest’s Summer Party x15 HQ photos


One Direction Phone and Tablet cases

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Head Case Designs has teamed up with the boys to bring the largest collection of official One Direction licensed phonecases.
They have created over 500 new designs!
You can shop here

Niall leaving Soho House in London

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July 1st – Niall leaving Soho House in London x13 HQ photos


The day the Clash kicked out Mick Jones, the song I grieved to was “Complete Control.” When Zayn quit 1D, “Clouds” was the one I obsessed over — “love is never ever simple,” so true. (Perhaps I overfeel these things.) “No Control” is still my favorite Four track, but “Clouds” is the one that’s grown the most over time — anyone can bite the Beatles, but it takes true pop visionaries like 1D to plunder Paul McCartney & Wings. Anybody who doubts Macca’s genius as a guitarist — besides everything else he is — needs to consider how 1D could build such a world-beating pop epiphany out of the “Band on the Run” riff.