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1D Twitcam : Announcing the new album

Thursday, 30 August 2012itsjustmaryNews, Videos6 comments

One Direction just did a twitcam a while ago where they announced the name of their new album and it is called ‘Take Me Home’! I think this was the first twitcam of them all together? Was it? I don’t know, I’m just so excited! :’D


The new album ‘TAKE ME HOME’ will be available to preorder from midnight on 3rd September in your local territories in your local store*

*pre-order markets may vary, check your local site.

Here’s the full twitcam below :)

6 Responses to “1D Twitcam : Announcing the new album”

  1. janine says:

    I ♥ this twitcam…laughing all the time ;D
    the greatest part is when Louis said: Zayn maaan…what the hell!?
    Soooo funny^^

  2. 1D Cash$ says:

    I love u ~one direction~ u guys are so funny u are my life!!!!

  3. Please come to union. There is a school. There called monarch elementary please go there please!!! Ask for a girl named jazzy

  4. Reine says:

    Hi I’m reine I’m a big fan I’m from Lebanon ! And I’m a big fan ( I love ur hair Harry ! )

  5. Reine says:

    Omg harry ur hair is awesome !

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