Hello Everyone,
Firstly, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I always do this. Its just that this site drives me crazy. I kinda love/hate it, love it because its like my baby and I swear I love this site and you guys more than maybe 1D themselves but then I hate how much work it is, it gets overwhelming. I really hope you guys understand.
I know I’ve left this site and then came back quite a few times and I can’t promise you guys I won’t do that again but I can promise you I’ll definitely keep coming back because of you guys <3 When I left the site, I saw all the comments and tweets and messages and ugh, I couldn't control myself. I love this site and work I've put into it way too much for me to see it go to waste. So, please, I really hope you guys forgive me <3 Although school starts tomorrow for me and I will be busier than ever, I really will try my best to work on the site just the way I used to. So, give me a while till I update the site on whatever I missed in the past week <3 (: Definitely, you all know, the boys won 3 VMAs! and smashed the night with their performance, so just a quick congratulations to them! :) Stay tuned for loads of photos and updates coming up in a while xx