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Niall’s Twitcam – October 2 2012

Wednesday, 3 October 2012itsjustmaryNiall Horan7 comments

Check out this 1 hour long, full twitcam that Niall did yesterday below! Thanks to the uploader (:

7 Responses to “Niall’s Twitcam – October 2 2012”

  1. Noname says:

    It’s a new gossip going around about Justin bieber and this Swedish girl, I saw people wrighting about it on twitter and instagram today. And I’m gonna tell this to everyone I know beacuse I just moved to sweden to my sister and I want Justin here lol :) and this girl is super cute and i think shes more of a “Justin girl” then selena is, sorry but selena is more a “twilight jacob girl” lol. Her instagram is magnusson08 and she is so beautiful! i vote for her!! :) 

  2. Patty K says:

    I <3 Niall Horan!!!!

  3. OMG…5:55 when he said love you all and that kiss i just died

  4. Ruby says:

    I love you guys :) <3

  5. zeyna says:

    Woow Niial She is beautifull Love you <3!

  6. daniele rosbruch says:

    I love you guys!!!!!!!

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