Zayn has been speaking about his body art and has admitted he is becoming a little addicted to hitting the tattoo parlour.

He told Now magazine: “I want to fill my entire arm up to my elbow to start. I’ve got loads of ideas. I draw as well. I’m more addicted to coming up with the ideas of what I can get tattooed rather than the actual tattoo itself.”

Tattoos aren’t to everyone’s taste but it seems Zayn’s girlfriend Perrie Edwards can’t get enough of her boyfriend’s art. He said: “Oh yeah! She [Perrie] likes my tatts.”

“She’s into the whole rock ‘n’ roll look.”

Wonder what Zayn makes of Perrie’s grey hair…

The 1D heartthrob has also revealed that he wanted Perrie to understand what she was getting into before they went public on their romance.

He had watched girls linked to the group suffer abuse via social networking sites and didn’t want the Little Mix lovely to get involved, unless she felt she could handle a relationship in the spotlight.

Zayn said: “I told her [Perrie], ‘This is my job, this is what’s going to happen, stories will come out. Do you still want to be with me?’”

Thankfully she did and the couple seem happier than ever, spending every spare moment they get together. (: