ITV hit show the X Factor is facing its latest controversy after it emerged that One Direction’s ‘live’ performance on Saturday was recorded in October.
Millions of One Direction fans will be crushed after it was discovered far from being live in the London studios on Saturday evening, the five boys were actually sunning it up in LA.

Tons of news websites are accusing them of ‘fakery’.
Although never stated as a ‘live performance’, producers did nothing to tell fans the boys were actually in the studio on October 30, even going to the trouble of making sure the judges outfits were exactly the same.

I think if anyone is making a big fuss about this, then they should stop. I mean yeah, who wouldn’t be gutted if you’re expecting a live performance on your TV but turns out its not. Damn.
But that’s it. There’s no point of fussing over it. The boys can’t obviously be at 123231 places at one time.
And, yes, the producers should’ve mentioned its not a live performance but they didn’t say that it was anyway. Whatever. Its over. I think the performance has been removed from the internet or something, I read. But, you can check out the interview on The Xtra Factor with Olly Murs and Caroline Flack below! (: Also, check out 5 photos from the performance in the gallery by clicking the thumbnails below!