Looks like the good boy of One Direction Niall Horan has finally succumbed to the tattoo craze sweeping the band, as he recently revealed he has a tattoo on his bottom that says, “I Love SE”.

The shock confession was made during an interview with Access Holllywood following the lad’s performance on X Factor USA, with the blonde making the shock confession. “Yes I have one,” he said when asked about a tattoo: “It’s on my butt and says I love SE”.

We wonder who ‘SE’ is and why Niall loves them so much he’s prepared to get his first inking. But is the ‘Live While Your Young’ star joking?

Earlier this year he talked about a bum tattoo but said he never got it done.

He told The Sun: “Harry and Zayn are going at it with the tattoos. They are covered now. Harry seems to have a different one every day. I was going to get a barcode on my wrist with my date of birth written across it. To be fair, I don’t even know if I really wanted it.”

“I decided to get Made In Ireland in green on my a**e cheek and I went to the place in L.A. where they do it. Me and the boys went in and they said they wouldn’t do it.

“They said: ‘The skin on your a**e is too squidgy. It needs to be tight.'”

“I suspect they actually did me a favour. It wasn’t the best idea in the world.”

Perhaps the 19 year-old finally caved to pressure from the rest of the band after they teased him on Twitter about refusing to get an inking.

He announced on the site that he was giving in to their taunts about the only 1D member without one: “Ok I’ll give into you! I’ll get it done! Jesus! Have you quite finished?”

Check out Niall’s confession!

Source: Entertainmentwise

What do you guys think? Maybe he’s just kidding? :P