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Harry & Taylor Swift at the Central Park

Monday, 3 December 2012itsjustmaryHarry Styles, Photos5 comments

Harry & Taylor Swift were finally seen out together after all the rumors going around for ages. They were seen walking at the Central Park in NYC with 1D’s stylist’s family. (:
Wow, now, even I have to believe it. They’re going out :P
Anyway, girls, I know you’re probably gonna spend the entire day crying but its alright, its okay, haha (:
Check out 132 HQ photos of them at the park, by clicking the thumbnails below! :


5 Responses to “Harry & Taylor Swift at the Central Park”

  1. They look so cute together *-* ♥♥

  2. Abby says:

    She stole my harry … verry sad face :'(

  3. Jeff says:

    Someone please tell me where Harry shoes are from in these photos!!! Thanks.

  4. 1D & TW 4ever says:

    oh Harry!nooooo!
    taylor get away from Harry!!!

  5. Farizza says:


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