A new report from over the pond suggests that One Direction‘s label have taken steps to ensure that #1D don’t go the way of #Haylor, signing the boys to a knotty three-year, three-album contract that provides a hefty financial incentive for staying together as a group.

A source tells The Sun (by way of MTV UK): “It’s a really clever contract that the boys have signed up to [because] they get the big pay day after the three years. If one of them walks away before then, then all five miss out on the money. They don’t miss out on a few quid either, we are talking millions.”

Given how monumentally successful boy bands have tended to fare in the past, it’s a savvy way to keep the boys together — and it ensures another three albums from 1D at the bare minimum. Smart move, Sony. Now just find a way to keep them all in cute outfits.