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Arriving at Tokyo Airport

Thursday, 17 January 2013itsjustmaryCandids, Photos2 comments

They might just have had an 11-hour flight from the UK, but that wasn’t going to stop the One Direction boys from getting into the spirit of things as they landed in Japan.
The British boyband were all wearing bright red kimonos as they came through arrivals at Narita Airport in Tokyo on Wednesday, where they were met by crowds of screaming fans.
Clearly excited to be in the country, the stars put their hands together in the traditional Japanese greeting, looking overwhelmed by their welcome. I’ve added 26 HQ photos of them, check it out in the gallery by clicking the thumbnails below! :


2 Responses to “Arriving at Tokyo Airport”

  1. tessa says:

    Putting one’s hands together is Thailand greeting not Japan. It looks very awkard for Japanese and those who knows the backgrounds.

  2. U guys can do anything u r all SUPERMANS!!!!! As louis said in ur video diarys xxx

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