Hello Guys!
I’m super late on this, the nomination ends on February 10th, I know! But, its never too late (;
You all can still nominate onedirectionfans.net as your favorite fansite for the Shorty Awards 2013! All you need to do is go to your twitter (I know its already open on the other tab), and simply tweet “#shortyawards @1DFNet #fansite [add reason here]”.
Remember, adding a reason is very important otherwise it won’t be counted.
If you want, I’ve already created a tweet, all you need to do is CLICK HERE!

& the highest votes a fansite has got is 1100+ so if I wanna reach anywhere close, I need all your support guys! <3 I just wanna say, being nominated for this award would mean so much to me! (: Go hurry! ^.^ Thank you ! <3