Hey guys! (:
So, a couple of days back I asked you all what your opinions were on paparazzi photos and 78% of you said that you want the daily candid photos of the boys and I understand, obviously. Thank you for voicing your opinion as you are the visitors and it matters to me a lot, and also those who understood my point of view (: I’ve come to a conclusion that I will continue posting candid photos the way I used to because a few people made me understand that even if I stop posting paparazzi photos, it doesn’t mean that others won’t and that the paparazzi would stop following them and also, someone showed me this interview where the boys say that they understand its paparazzi’s job and even though it may bother them at times, they are pretty much fine with them and sometimes have a laugh with them too (;
Yay to regular photos then haha ^^

Thank you everyone :)