My exams are starting this week and will end on March 10th. To keep the site regularly updated the way it has always been, I’m looking for a helper. Maybe 2. Click on Read More, to find out the requirements and details.

Requirements :
• Knowledge of WordPress and Coppermine
• Good resources for HQ photos and news
• Time and dedication to update the site almost daily or whenever needed.
• Preferred if you’ve owned or worked on a high quality site/blog before.

I am not very good at working with other people but it is a bit necessary at the moment. I will be telling you what all to do and how to do it. But, you need to have your own resources, like IAs. You cannot take information/news/photos from any other one direction fansite strictly! I will try to come online and update whenever I can as well.

So, send me an e-mail here if you think you can do this. I may or may not pick you and remember, I’m going to be picky since I love this site and cannot hand it over to a stranger without thinking a lot. I may ask you a lot of questions, please bare with me. Mention all the necessary details. If you don’t know how to start, I’ve given a quick guideline below –

• Name
• Country
• Age
• How often are you willing to update? (Remember that important things like The Brits and their tour is coming up. So, you need to update very often – almost daily)
• Previous Experience & Knowledge with websites
• Where will you get photos from? (IAs are kinda necessary)
• Where will you get news from?

and you can add other details if you wish to convince me more (:

Go ahead and apply guys! I could really use the help (: