Are you a Directioner?

Are you a directioner? Do you consider yourself and your friends the biggest fans of One Direction? Why don’t ya’ll sit down together, have a 1D party, listen to ‘Up All Night’ , stay up all night, play Party Poker , cards, monopoly, fangirl over One Direction and take this quiz to see who amongst you and your friends is the biggest Directioner? Find out by playing this little quiz below!

1. Which member has been headbutted by a horse before?

2. Which member would sing the Barney theme song to a fan?

3. Which member got a mattress from his mom as a gift?

4. Who are the two members that have a driving licsence?

5. What was the name of Harry’s first pet?

6. Which member got expelled from two schools?

7. What does Zayn do before every performance?

8. Which member has only one kidney?

Answers :
1. Harry
2. Niall
3. Louis
4. Louis & Harry
5. Max
6. Zayn
7. Brush his teeth
8. Liam