Galley update!   

We are updating our Where We Are Tour gallery!
So come back daily to see the new pictures of the boys on stage.

These galleries have been added/updated so far:

June 2014
June 13th – Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden
June 14th – Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden
June 24th – Amsterdam Arena in Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 25th – Amsterdam Arena in Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 2014
July 2nd – Esprit Arena in Düsseldorf, Germany
July 4th – Stade de Suisse in Berne, Switzerland
July 6th – Turin Stadio Olimpico in Turin, Italy

North America:
August 2014
August 4th – MetLife Stadium in New Jersey
August 5th – MetLife Stadium in New Jersey
August 14th – Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia
August 16th – Ford Field in Detroit
August 17th – Ford Field in Detroit
August 19th – LP Field in Nashville
August 22nd – Reliant Stadium in Houston

October 2014
October 5th – Sun Life Stadium in Miami

Help Needed for 3 Weeks   

My exams are starting this week and will end on March 10th. To keep the site regularly updated the way it has always been, I’m looking for a helper. Maybe 2. Click on Read More, to find out the requirements and details.

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1DF will continue to be the way it has been   

Hey guys! (:
So, a couple of days back I asked you all what your opinions were on paparazzi photos and 78% of you said that you want the daily candid photos of the boys and I understand, obviously. Thank you for voicing your opinion as you are the visitors and it matters to me a lot, and also those who understood my point of view (: I’ve come to a conclusion that I will continue posting candid photos the way I used to because a few people made me understand that even if I stop posting paparazzi photos, it doesn’t mean that others won’t and that the paparazzi would stop following them and also, someone showed me this interview where the boys say that they understand its paparazzi’s job and even though it may bother them at times, they are pretty much fine with them and sometimes have a laugh with them too (;
Yay to regular photos then haha ^^

Thank you everyone :)

Nominate us for a #ShortyAward   

Hello Guys!
I’m super late on this, the nomination ends on February 10th, I know! But, its never too late (;
You all can still nominate as your favorite fansite for the Shorty Awards 2013! All you need to do is go to your twitter (I know its already open on the other tab), and simply tweet “#shortyawards @1DFNet #fansite [add reason here]“.
Remember, adding a reason is very important otherwise it won’t be counted.
If you want, I’ve already created a tweet, all you need to do is CLICK HERE!

& the highest votes a fansite has got is 1100+ so if I wanna reach anywhere close, I need all your support guys! <3
I just wanna say, being nominated for this award would mean so much to me! (:
Go hurry! ^.^

Thank you ! <3

Should 1DF become paparazzi-free?   


Hello Everyone,
OneDirectionFans.Net has been your #1 fansite for One Direction for the past one year and I really hope to continue this in the future. This is a site made by a fan for other fans. So, its only right for me to know what other fans expect from this site.
Today, I’d like talk about something I’ve been thinking about from a while, and the issue is ‘paparazzi’.
I know that most of my visitors come to this site mainly for the ‘Candids’ section in our gallery but I want to do what is right. Its okay if my site’s visits go down, but I want the main purpose of the site to remain true. I feel that the boys are always being troubled by the paparazzi 24/7 and I think it will be better if we as fans don’t support it. If you guys agree with me, then this site will become paparazzi-free which means I will not be adding any more photos of the boys being pictured walking on the street or leaving their house. I will, however, continue to add other photos and news that is related to their work. I won’t be posting any personal issues and rumors regarding their girlfriends, or anything else. I’ll make the decision based on what I feel is right, but it would be nice to know what you all think about this issue. You can vote below telling me if you’d like to see this site go paparazzi-free or not. And, if you’d like to comment in regard to this issue to support your views, you may do so by commenting on the post.

This poll is closed! Poll activity:
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Poll Results:
Should OneDirectionFans.Net become paparazzi-free?

Icon addition   

Thanks to Maja from, I’ve added 35 icons in the icon archive! They’re amazing <3 Go check them out by clicking the thumbnails below! I hope you all like them <3


1 Year Anniversary, New Look!   

Hello Everyone! I’m so so happy to announce that has completed one year online providing One Direction fans with the latest news, photos, media and being your #1 source to One Direction! I am so glad to see this day and I’d like to thank you all for your constant support! 2012 was an amazing year for One Direction and I hope the same for the years to come! To celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of 1DF, I’ve changed the look of the site! Also, FINALLY, the gallery layout has also been changed, haha ^^ I really hope you like the design & the concept. Please leave your comment on this post telling me what you think of the new look and if there’s anything you’d like to say about this site (;

Once again, thank you and a Happy New Year to all of you! :’D

Change in Layout   

So, its not a new look, but just a slight change for your eyes (; I’m sure you guys were bored of that layout, now that the MTV VMAs were long gone. I really wanted to put up a whole new layout for you guys but the site’s one year anniversary is coming up in 2 months, and I’m saving the BIG thing for then :’D So, I just made a few changes here and there for the time being (: I hope you guys like it (:

LWWY Screencaps and Lyrics added!   

I’ve just added 600+ HD screencaps of the boys’ new music video, Live While We’re Young! (: Check them out in our gallery by clicking the thumbnails below! Also, I’ve added the lyrics of the song to our Lyrics Archive! Check it out here. (:


Candids Update   

I’ve also added missing candids for the past week! Make sure you check them out in our gallery by clicking the thumbnails below! :