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Fabulous Magazine Covers (Sep 2012)

Monday, 24 September 2012itsjustmaryMagazine, Photos2 comments

This year again, the boys are back on the covers of Fabulous Magazine! Next week it’s their One Direction special, with SIX collectable covers; a FREE poster; behind-the-scenes VIDEO and FREE downloads. They look so sexy omg, I’m dying to see more photos! My personal favorite would be Zayn’s and Louis’ ^^ Comment below saying whose you like the best! (: Check out HQ photos of the covers in our gallery by clicking the thumbnails below! :


2 Responses to “Fabulous Magazine Covers (Sep 2012)”

  1. Avanlea says:

    ooooo i like Niall’s best!! then probally Zayn’s bu all of them are sexy!!

  2. all of them are sooo sexy but i liked nialls the best omg they just look amazayn !

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