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One Direction – Live Online Chat!

Friday, 24 February 2012itsjustmaryNews344 comments

British-Irish boy band, One Direction, will be hosting a live online chat and intimate performance on on Friday, March 9 at 3pm ET!

Join them all live & ask a question ahead of time right now! Keep listening for your chance to win passes to be in our audience. Plus, ZVIPs can enter for a bonus shot below! Click here for the ZVIP Rewards!

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE CHAT PAGE! – One Direction will be there on Friday, March 9th at 3PM ET!

344 Responses to “One Direction – Live Online Chat!”

  1. Kelly says:

    you will post the video on the website cuz i will not be able to watch it :s ??

  2. melanie says:

    Hi Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn
    Im doing a report on your song Gotta Be You. I need the meaning (backgroung info), what it means to you guys. I would like the meaning from each of you personaly, if thats not too much to ask. . . <3333

    • kaitlyn says:

      hey my name is kaitlyn and me and my friend becca love all you guy’s we love all your song’s and you guy’s are my hero and my friend becca love’s the blonde one and i like harry love,kaitlyn

    • i love u so much one direction, taylor swift and justin are my life without u i wouldn’t survive.i wish i can meet u for real life and we will become BBFs forever.and u guys will sing a song about me and we willalways be together.and we will sing songs together.and harry styles and taylor swift will get back together.that’s how i feel.
      hope u will understand.

      lots and lots of love shantelle gondo (from harlow west essex 162 northbrooks cm19 4dq)
      hope u will see this message
      never forget me.
      harry styles,taylor swift,justin bieber,liam pyne,niall horan,louis tomlinson,zayn malik and shantelle gondo(me) your biggest fan

      hope u will see this message.

  3. angelgledhill says:

    hey guys
    i am so in love with you. you guys are the only songs me and my friends listen to and you are all so HOT i love you all and i love yous that much i have drove my mum cazy over you guys i dont know what else to say but hi

  4. Alyssa says:

    omggggg i luv one directin u guys r awesomeee!!

  5. emily says:

    hi one direction you guys are my fav bed you ceep me going well i can’t say this about every singer/band but you have guys hAVE awesome (WELL like no words in the dictionary CAN EXPLIAN IT)TALENT YOU ARE JUST SO GOOD AND WELL I LIKE TO GIVE YOU PROPS FOR THAT CEEP ON DOING WHAT YOU ARE DONG I WILL NEVER STOP LOVING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dodo says:

    hey guys! you are great
    first time I heard you was like I got a stone in the stomach! do not understand how you can live without hearing your beautiful voices!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

  7. lauren says:

    hey hey harry niall zayn louis liam im am ur biggest fan i will be out side sunrise net week to see you guys perform since i didnt get tickets for your sydney show i hope and pray i get tickets to ur national tour in the future you are my idols my inspiration and ur my life i love you so much im am by far your biggest fan xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxxoxoxoxoxxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxxoxoxoxoxxooxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxxxoxoxoxoxooxxxxoxoxox <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  8. dani says:

    you don’t know how bad i want to meet you guys
    you guys are awesome i know how it would be to be you i have stacks of questions for you and would like you to email meeeee i really admire you i have everythign i mean everything one direction in my room so please please meet me
    xoxo 1D FOREVER

    • Akanksha says:

      Hey Dani, please know that this is not One Direction or their management (: They have no relation to this website and they probably do not even know about it (: x
      They won’t get your message <3 (:

    • daniella says:

      heyy niall just to tell u u are so gawjess i love ya i am comin to watchs you all nexts year 2013 love ya <3 <3 <3 <3 :) love ya allllll mwahhh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Sofia says:

    Hey i love yalls songs especially moments its beautiful like you guys haha well anyway are the songs based on actual relationships you guys experieanced?:)

  10. Olivia says:

    Hi one direction I love u I’m one of ur biggest fans aaaaaaaaa I LOVE YOU ONE DIRECTION

  11. angie says:

    hey Zayn,Harry, Niall, Liam and louis u all are just awesome…….. love ya all xoxoxoox :))))))1D rocks <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 xoxoxox

  12. booo says:

    hey wats up my friend loves u so i wanted to tlk to u so hi

  13. jassica says:


  14. Madie Knoz says:

    heyeheyheye wat up wat up Madie knoz in d house

  15. Hi I’m Bianca Peters,

    I love you 1D i wish i could go to your concert

  16. bara says:

    Hi boys.How are you?I hope you will come to Prague.Hi Bara.

  17. NITH says:

    hey one direction I LOVE U but got no tickets 2 ur concert i was cryin 4 a week u should see my room its one direction full I LOVE U I MEAN IT I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN AHHHHHHH


  18. NITH says:


  19. NITH says:



  20. NITH says:

    hi u hoties there if u are readin dis message now plz reply thnx

  21. AYAT says:

    heyy nobodys reading my comment. vas happenin?!
    heyy luv u all can u make next years tour in mississauga on my bday may 21st?

  22. amelia says:

    hi 1D i love u im a big fan of u

  23. matisse says:

    i love tyou guys big fans omd is now the new omg it is oh my direction

  24. Jenna Renee says:

    Hi 1D! I love your guys music so much. You guys have came a long way haven’t you! i just want to say you guys are the reason why I want to start a singing career! Love you guys!!!

  25. Kimberly says:

    Heyy guys. i just wanted to tell you that you guys are extremely talented, amazing young boys! You all have incredible voices and are just amazing!!!! thank you for being you and hope you all have a great day and i just love you guys! :D

  26. Kimberly says:

    I love you guys and keep rocking with those awesome tunes! :D you guys make me feel like the luckiest girls ever!

  27. mona says:

    hi ilove you all

  28. Ellie says:

    hi i love u 1d please reply my name is Ellie and i love u’s so so so so so so so so much so please reply it would mean the world to me thanx love from Ellie Robson ur no.1 fan xxxxx

  29. Magda Melo says:!/MagdaAlexandraM follow me, and i follow back

  30. Magda Melo says:

    love you one direction, 4ever.

  31. lauren12 says:

    Hey one direction really love u guys u r all so talented.i really want to see u in concert so hopefully my dad gets me the tickets for me to go and see u all it will b a dream come true

  32. Taylor says:

    I love all y’all music and I love you all but mostly Zayn(: lol

  33. Kellyn says:

    Hey 1D
    Who invented the pat the dog, twist the lightbulb?

  34. kaitlyn says:

    hey my name is kaitlyn me and my friend becca love you guy’s and we love your guy’s song’s and my friend becca love’s the blonde one and like harry.harry is my hero

  35. Annelisse says:

    I love 1 direction

  36. Engy says:

    Me and my friends are insane in love with you! <3
    I love Liam and she loves Harry
    I totally love the song "Gotta Be You"
    So that is it and i hope i get to meet you guys bye!

  37. Jordyn says:

    Hi Guys,
    I am wondering if you are going to be selling more tickets for your 2013 tour.
    I Love You Guys!!!

  38. linzie says:


  39. linzie says:

    can we talk to onedirectoin

  40. Oneinfection says:

    I love on direction they are so amazing and beautiful singers to the world and to our one directioner ears too……. I love you guys so much Harry Liam Louis Niall Zayn……<3

  41. ATWonedirection says:

    I love one direction! Harry Liam Zayn Niall and Louis you are music to my ears….. One direction all the way!

  42. ATWonedirection says:

    One direction has talent and the looks ! Their voice is like heaven coming down on us! One direction all the way

  43. ATWonedirection says:

    Who wouldn’t want to see one direction they are the most famous at this point and always will be! Go One Direction!

  44. louisa says:

    hey gys i love yahh…

  45. EmiLy says:

    I love harry,liam and louse

  46. christiy says:

    hi niall, zayn, liam, harry, louis. u vuys r really popular at my school everyone listens to ur music

  47. naomi garang says:

    hi guys my ame is naomi garang

    i thik harry styles is hot i thiink hsrry styles is sexy i think i want a child that has exact same hairstyle as harry and i think i know why harry styles last name is styles it is bacause he has alotof style and he has alot of swagg too i love u to death harry

  48. Reidyn Horn says:

    I LOVE YOU HARRY YOU ROCK AND I LOVE YOUR SONGS FOREVER YOUNG AND WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL by the way you pronounce my name like this ray-den i just love you hpefully i can go to the hershy pa tour thing at hershy im so hoping to get tickets soon i love ya

  49. Ardaa says:

    hey guys my name is ardaa and i really love you guys so much especially zayn&harry btw i love your smile harry <3

  50. Kate says:

    Hi 1D i love you. I am crazy about one thing and what make you beautiful. I wish i could come to your australian concert. Love you Kate

  51. Bryan ray aro says:

    hey Zhayne any of my clssmates in school says that your ugly,but your my great idol,im your fan!!

  52. Bryan ray aro says:

    hey one directions i’d never had a chance to see you in real cuz im from the philipnes and we dont have a maney to fly and go there,but i just like that i want to live chatting with you i hope you get this comment,god bless!!!!

  53. 1d lov u says:

    what the hell han u r going 4 world tour but not comming to pakistan this is so not fair i mean pakistan is also existing plz come to pakistan its a request plz plz its a fan request we (me and my friend) r the biggest fan of ur and no could lov u so much except us specially zayn, liam, harry, nial, louis……………………………………………………..plz lov u
    (farah and uzma)

  54. Zayn's fan says:

    Love you Zain have u got a relativ aged 7-8 caleed Maneshia

  55. Samantha queen says:


  56. kaycee says:

    hey one D i hope you are having fun i really want you to come to mildura im so sorry im so far away ok have to go and have white chocie and rasberry cake for dessert

  57. Beth says:

    Hi big fan

  58. Lily says:

    Hey Harry! I love you! And my friend loves you Liam!:) We are your #1 fans!

  59. Lily says:

    I like your hair by the way, Harry!:)

  60. karinastyles says:

    hi my name is karina and i am so in love with yall<3<3<3 and hi harry,liam,niall,zayn, and lousi<3<3<3 and i reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want to meet yall ill be so happy if i meet yall!!!!! if yall get this message can yall follow me on twitter(@karinas81580575) or on facebook(karlavanessastyles and i have a heart<3 of zayn and harry) or email me at or call text me or call me (8326387608 thats my # phone number ok) bye love yall<3<3<3

  61. Remember this Louis It’s clive your biggest fan clive

  62. I love these guys taught me to appreciate every detail of life to live it as if it were the last to be waking up with them all night and did not import the rest, I’m from Spain and I had to use the translator excuse errors

  63. all your songs, video diaries, (b) romances, interviews (alan carr loved it) I see them in concert and in madrid barcelona’ll go to anywhere from the first time I heard their beautiful voices of angels are crying until I realized they are my angels guard and apollo me in their songs at all times, zayn harry louis liam and niall thanks, thanks for everything go well, because we, your directioner love you. always directioner

  64. maybelline says:

    hay zayn i love you and i like al te song

  65. maybelline says:


    zayn aym in aruba and am sowww happy and am dont wont to lief


  66. Colby says:

    IM UR BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. harry styels numba 1 fan says:


  68. jean says:

    hi ! i love one direction


  69. jean says:

    hello Nial your so cute!

  70. Destiny Cantu says:

    I love you sooo much louis

  71. vikctoria says:

    i loove , you guys .

  72. zooelanys says:

    harry styles i loove yoou soo baad and i am soo perfect foor you i knoow because i know everything about yoou believe me everything and we have alot in comon loove yooou hott cupcake babbe**

  73. Layne says:

    My cousin and i are maybe goign to go to your concert!! I love you guys sooo much and my cousin does too! We hope we get to meet you! Plus, that video that you made harry, of nobody liking you, it’s not true and just because your in one direction that makes you famous and that’s why some people like you, but we like you just for you! Look for a sign close to the stage about you!!!

  74. Layne says:

    plus its the next year one 2013 at the pepsi center!

  75. Mariana says:

    helooo one direction i love you….priate you will do shows in Brazil, speak to me please

  76. Jilleona says:

    i love you guys im hope i get to see you guys in concert next year!! i cant wait to see you guys in conecert :D I`ll give you guys some brownies when it gets to the autographs after the concert on august 6th!! hope to see you there!! :D

  77. hi i love one direction i have a some questions

    harry styles if u had 3 wishes what would u wish for?

    zayn malik who is your best band mate?

    louis tomlinson what was your best dream?

    liam payn do u like singing in scotland?

    niall horan what has been your best gift for your birthday?

    i love u all

    from fallon

  78. Chenelle says:

    hi im chenelle. i just wanted to ask if u would do a show in Jamaica. yes the jamaica. Beaches, sunshine, FOOD ahh delicious food what was i saying , o yeah its wonderful here could u please come. i know it would be alot to ask but please. contact me at my email. byeeee wait did i mention the food.

  79. farzaneh says:

    oh, zayn i love ya and im from iran there are a lot of fans of you in iran we just love ya one direction xxx

  80. farzaneh says:

    i love you guys spasial zayn

  81. Nakia Desir says:

    I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! You r so hot!I have questions
    Niall,do you think you can sing a song with a country accent?
    Harry,what would you do with 2000 dollars?
    Louis,if you went back in time what would you do?
    Zayn,if you had a dragon what would you name it?
    Liam,what would you do if you were really bored?
    Question for all of you::What do you LOVE about the band? from Nakia :)

  82. taylah-belle says:

    you guys are amazing i love you all when will you guys come to austraila?

  83. anabel panes says:

    hi directioners!

  84. Agustina! says:

    i love one direction! you can travel to ARGETINA?

  85. JULIA says:

    Hi One Direction I am from Philippines and I am a big fan of you guys and i hope all of you will make more songs and videos.GOD BLESS YOU LOUIS,ZAYN,LIAM,NIALL AND HARRY.PLS TRAVEL VISIT OUR COUNTRY PHILIPPINES.

  86. libby says:

    1d are the best boy band

  87. maia says:

    i love you boys. please whrite me something. . .plz…

  88. Rachel says:

    Hey guys please write me something<33;)?

  89. jasmine says:



  90. Nikki says:

    Hello Harry, Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis.

    I just wanted to say that I think you’re a very talented group with a lot of potential. Your music is great and I hope you stay at the top of the charts. Your story has inspired me to continue my own singing – I’m working on a demo to send to a recording company.

    Thank you for helping me, even though you don’t know it. God bless, and best wishes!

    Niall – Ná bac leis an gráin. Ní bhíonn a fhios cad a bhíonn siad ag caint faoi. Tá tú níos fearr ná sin. Creidim i ngach ceann de tú. I gcás gach petal ar an tseamróg Tugann sé seo le mian do bhealach a dhéanamh. Dea-shláinte, luck maith, agus sonas don lá atá inniu agus gach lá.

    Love, Nikki

  91. heather says:

    omg i love one direction and they are all i talk about day and night

  92. Christie says:

    Hey guys, I feel really stupid doing this but I thought I would ask anyways and it was a dare. lol…What thing does a girl need to have to make her appealing to you guys? Wow… I feel like a shallow bimbo now… lol >.<

  93. Abi xx says:


    I gotta say your the best! I don’t even have a fave singer! but I have a fave band!!!!!!! YOUUUU!
    Luv your songs! I know all your songs! Sorry I’m over excited!
    Me and my friend Are crazy about 1D!
    My friend declares love for Zayn :)
    And I like Louis but um I really like you all! I birthdays soon and I’m asking for everything One Direction! When I’m older I wanna track ya down! Lol xx
    Hope you are successful in the future,
    and I give you the best of luck!
    Abi xx

  94. anna says:

    Hi will you harry go out with me please!!!!!! :( :( :(

  95. myriah says:

    hi liam i really like so much but i am to young and my sister morgan likes niall and my friend aislynn likes harry and her friend likes louis and my other sister madison likes zayn we have A BIG CRUSH ON YOU ME AND MORGAN HAVE TEN POSTERS OF ALL LOVE YOU

  96. Sahra says:

    Hello boys!
    Look, im not going to pressure you to look at this, you should know you have the best fans EVER. Better than beliebers, mixers etc. ONCE DIRECTIONER, FOREVER DIRECTIONER :( xx

  97. Olivia says:

    Hi guys!
    I gotta say I love you all,
    Louis – you have a fit body! :P
    Zayn – your fit :D
    Nial – your cute :)
    Liam – cute again ^ :)
    And I save the best till last….. Harry – your all of the above! :*
    Please follow me on Twitter! It would mean so much!!!!
    @Oliviasnowdon please!! <3 <3 <3

    P.S you all have fit body's just I notice Harry's and Louis more :P <3

  98. Alyssa says:

    Hey 1D I just wanted to say y’all are the best ever! I’ve always wanted to meet you! I love your songs soo much! Yall have great voices too!

  99. Laura says:

    I wrote this poem for you,
    One Direction are a dear delight day after day they make my day bright their fans fill their houses with fan mail filling their hearts higher and higher Harry has girls hitting his door hour after hour Louis and Liam are lovely lads who live life and party hard Niall nearly wiped out nandos hes cute Irish and easy to please Bradford bad boy a.k.a Zayn is beautiful and brilliant and loves the babes!


  100. thatgirl says:

    ok i do have a question. its not me just screaming I LOVE YOU ALL! lol sorry but thats a tad bit annoying. anywhoo hehe. since the time you all became.. famous, do you think you have changed at all? not just physically but mentally also? and how does it feel, truly, to be the faces of anything and everything in a teenage girls life? now this is a real fan just wondering what the One Directions real answer to this is. now im most likely sure that its not really you but i mean ill give it a shot… bye!

  101. sup says:

    im not that big of a fan i’m like an outgoing person i’m not scared of almost anything i’ve always wonted to be a model thought i cant because i live in la it gets very boring here it almost rains everyday its like biggest dream well not really i’m totaly good at acting i can do a british accend and i’m trying to do a german accend so all my friends love you but i sort of don’t i mean i love to hang out with my friends everyday, and im like always eating food is like my best friend i am not scared to go up to somebody and say hey my friend likes you i just don’t get imberrased that easily i hate when people dare you to do something and it hurts the other person like my friend his girlfriend broke up with by text message thats just rude when i was little everybody would say hey your never going to be anything but everyday i would cry and say i can do something if i set my mind to it my fav color is blue but im only thirteen in a half in sep i will definitly be 13 everybody says that i look like my dad but i don’t even know what he looks like to be honest i dont know him when i hope to grow up i wont to be actress i know thats sounds crazy and that im too youge for that i don’t care at least i wont to do something with my life and i cant say anything your already living your dream so yah my name is christina but everybody calls me cece because i act like her and thats basicly all my life and future

  102. isabel says:

    Love one direction, I’d go to every concert ….. are very handsome, I’m Spanish although some English, one direction are spectacular love you <3

  103. Yasmin says:

    I love you guys soooooooooooooooo much you are the the best band ever I love you zayn soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. A girl says:

    You are the bestest band ever I love you guys so much I love zayn the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOOOOOOOSOOOOOOO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ZAYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. tamzin says:

    hiya one direction i love you expecilly liam and louis you`s 2 are birds (FIT)

  106. Joana Gil says:

    hey 1D oh my days i love u guys sooo much!! my favourites are…..ALL OF UU!!! i think ur soo amazee and really talented ur soo lucky!! i love uuu xxxxx

  107. fshrhr says:

    how can i join 1d

  108. kaholet says:

    hey guys i want to ask if you could sing at my sweet 16 or 15 birthday party

  109. delilah says:

    will they reply

  110. delilah says:


  111. I Will Slam My Door In Your Face OneDirection You Just Called Me F Word On Facebook and email

  112. spoorti says:

    i luv u 1d <3<3

  113. daisy says:


  114. daisy says:

    i love harry more than anything in the world, always wanted to go to a concert and i am the biggest one direction fan ever there is or is going to be

  115. Kimberley says:

    Omg i love one direction i don’t know how to talk to them but omg i wish some day i will. <3

  116. Kimberley says:

    Hi guys i love yous, yous are sooooo cuuutttteeee I LOVE YOU HARRY!things i like about harry: His Smile, hair, teeth, personality and cutness plus he is sooooo nice not that i’ve ever met him but he sounds like a really nice guy like all the others :) and i almost forgot.. His voice! i love it its so cute hahahha i hope to go to one of your concerts guys xD well good luck guys… xoxo

  117. donaya says:

    hi guys i love yous, i like your songs.

  118. Tj /Taylor says:

    Why do all the girls get hiked about you guys it’s not a big deal I guess i’m the only one who doesn’t. I can’t really love you guys unless I know you personality so… I guess that will never happen.

  119. zara says:

    i love one direction please message backxxx

  120. Katerina says:

    Hey, wake up you at least understand what you write? Think about the life about their dreams. do not write that you love them but they are sexy and more. Yes, I agree that they have nice songs and a good voice. it’s their job and you would have loved them if they were not famous? Each group of people. and you are using your interference press down on them do not give them to live their lives. of the guard outside the house, in shops, on the street. Awww people wake up please think about it. and what the hell are you writing on Twitter “follow me” yes it is possible to write but to write, you need to measure. because if it is interesting all the people he finds and even write you. and it is better to write nice things everyone likes it. please think about it.

  121. Cassie.loves.Payne says:

    Okay, so for me it is not like “Hey marry me” because…you know…im 12 but its more like “Hey give me your number so i can text you 24/7 and we can be besties” lol

  122. Serena says:

    i just gotta say that louie is mine and niall

  123. karla says:

    i luv u harry sooooooooooooo much will u marry me harry pls

  124. Rose says:

    Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall, and Liam. I love u guys. I have your album up all night on my ipod plus i memorized all of the songs plus the songs “Live while we’re young” and NA Na Na”. Harry your my favorite guy and we have the same birthday date but i love all of you guys. so excited to see your concert this year. I’m going to put your new Cd on my ipod when it comes out. I’m a good singer and I’m talented. I listen to your music everyday. My favorite song is “Live While We’re Young”. You guys are my favorite singers and all of you are super talented. I love all of your singing voices.

  125. Rose says:

    Hey! I’m your number 1 fan. You guys are my favorite singers. I will always like you guys of who you are.

  126. Keely says:

    Hey Harry I love u so much that I what u as a boyfriend

  127. Anagha says:

    Hi guys I love you so much even if i know that i will never get to meet you…
    just a two second video chat is already enough for me. just you saying hi.
    i am already crying at the thought

  128. caitlin says:

    hi one direction i love all of you guys equally i hope to come o one of your concerts i just want to say hi from sam,megan,chaimae,emma,allie and lots of other people especially me!! i LOVE you guys and i hope you sucsessful in everything you do!! i am 11 years old and i want to see you in person so badly and my dream is to see you guyss and meet you all one dy i love you harry,louis,niall,liam and zayn i have like 23 posters of you on my wall bye!!!

  129. hi ONE DIRECTION i love youuuuuuu all especially ZAYN and HARRY i really really want you to have a concert here in the phlippines someday im always inspired about your music your music LIGHTS UP MY WORLD when i here it when im sad im OVERWHELMED i idolize you guys and it will never change you guys are BEAUTIFUL(even if im still 10 turning 11 on dec.15 i listen to your music whenever i have time even if im sleepy i put the earphones on close my eyes and i somehow feel the meaning of your songs my mom said “dont be too crazed(im not an addict of one direction)they might not be the people you think they are they might like fame more than fans!!!” but i dont belive her im forever one directioner i made a song just for you “twinkle twinkle LIAM PAYNE, HARRY ,LOUIS,NAILL AND ZAYN” ok bye love youuuuuuuu alllllll

  130. amanda says:

    me and my friends like you zayn. but mostly me i love you zayn :)

  131. brianna says:

    hey every body Brianna was here to say wats up……………. but i know no body is not gonna reply

  132. Ashleylovsu says:

    omg 1D i <3 u ur awsome funny love life everthing a girl could ever want wish i was a celebrity like u love u harry i bet u here tht so much lol love u zayn liam louis nd niall :) i think u guy are gorg plz reply :)

  133. Lila says:

    Hi everyone I like harry

  134. rubi says:

    Holly shit guys girls are crazy for you guys !!!!!!! it a bit scaryyyyy!! you guy are awsome !!

  135. Sarah says:

    Hi, I love One Direction!!!! They r so cute and i love them!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  136. Areej says:

    hi guys.
    i love your song and little thigs is the best.
    and louis u are the best.
    Bye :D

  137. shondella says:

    i love you nial for u cause ur sweet kind and funny and smart :3

  138. laura says:

    i love you louis tomlinson you so funny ,cute ,sweet and your really ausome it would be cool if one direction was my freinds it would be a dream come ture for me from laura your bigest fan :)

  139. laura says:

    i love you louis tomlinson cause youe so smart, sweet ,caring, hot ,funny it would be amasing if you were my freind and liam zayn niall harry

  140. i just wont to know how can i video chat with yall

  141. alanah says:

    hi l like louis his nice and sexy

  142. Tiffany!♥ says:


  143. Directioner says:

    Hi!!Im Directioner..Love ya!

  144. ellie says:

    hi you guys are great singers and I just wanted to say good job and herry love your hair and see you later well maybe at concert i am also 9 years old get back to me If you can bye you great singers.

  145. nurqalbi says:

    hmm, harry styles is looking so good in the 5 boys. hihi

  146. Amy says:

    Hey guys huge fan. i love u all in fact i love u loads!!! xxxxxxxxxx it@s my birthday soon i wish u could come and sing one of ur songs my fave is one thing!!! love u all xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  147. Angel says:

    Ohh!!! they’re look so good!!!!!!!!!

  148. Saahirah says:

    hi zayn and the rest of u im ur no1 fan add me on twitter im folowin u but ur not folowin me louis i love carrots and lamboghini to zayn your hot

  149. Saahirah says:

    your hot zayn louis ur cool

  150. christina says:

    i love you soo much you are my dream come ture i love you new song little thing and love you sooo much harry xx i know every thing about all of you oxoxoxo

  151. Bailey wells says:

    Helpless to know, but my friends wanted to know if Harry was single? Let’s just say they are all so very scared to put this question out there so hope younwill answer!

  152. Chelsea Almy says:

    Hey harry just wanting know the dates for the tour

  153. essyncekuras says:

    u guys are definitely the guys i look up to I LOVE YOU U INSPIRE ME!!!!!!

  154. essyncekuras says:

    i would like it if u guys talked back but….
    it is alright

  155. pamela says:

    hi one derection im ur fan so is my cuzin i saw tht u were pranked lol
    love, pamy

  156. Valerie says:

    Hi girls! could u please follow me? I’m a true directioner and also Team follow back. Love u follow me? team follow back

  157. Bety says:

    Hi,My name is Bety am 14 going to be 15 an I wanted to say I love you guys I know you must be used to hearing that ‘–‘ but yeah I do omg am so out of words (/.\) you guys are an inspiration an thank you for that,ya know I want to do the X-Factor one day but I dunno I dont have the voice lol ._. but am glad to be able to listen to you guys,Though I get told “Listen to real music all the time” I dont care what people say Am a fan :D Thank you thank you for your beautiful songs!! <3 los amo mucho. sorry it means I love you lots. in spanish ;) take care. an you guys are so sexy! my choice,but Zayn is so sexy your eyes <3 okay bye =]

  158. Bety says:

    I named my pet fish after Niall :3

    wait what pet I dont got one :# lol jp.

    um can I ask all five of you a question?
    what are your favorite colors,an what is your tepical kind of things you like to do besides sing?(:

  159. ellie says:

    hi one direction you are the best boy band ever i am a fan but the one thing a do not like is that harry smoks so stop smoking you are in the manshester arena soon so i will be there i love you all xxxxxxxxxxx and you are all nice looking too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  160. ellie says:

    one direction you are the best boy band ever but the one thing is harry smoks so harry stop smoking you are in the manshester arena soon so see you there and you are all nice looking love you all love ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  161. saba says:

    zayn i love you

  162. saba says:

    i love all of you.i want to see you but i cant.and im from iran ohhhhhhhh and my name is saba.i want to say some thing zayn you are soooooooo beautiful.and i love you soO soO soO much.every time in my life i was thinh about you zayn.plz text a message for me.if you want ill send you my phone number

  163. TheIrrelevant5 says:



  164. KENNEDY says:


  165. victoria says:

    hey im victoria i love u all my favorite one is niall hes funny cute sweet and i love his eyes and teeth hes the most sexyest lad alive so i love ya niall sweety so much with al my special heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv ya baby niall

  166. ashley says:

    you guys are so hot and i love you guys but there is one i really like liam and luis

  167. sophie says:

    hi harry&louis i really like you i want to follow you on twitter but my mum aint letting me. so i found this and hopefully you ill reply (if you are actuallly raeding this now)so please,please reply back to me.
    love sophie ++++++++++++++++ p.s the pluses are meant to be kisses to both of you!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  168. sierra ford says:

    hey i just gotta say that i love you guys a whole bunch!!! i dont really have a favorite because i love all of you but i think that your accents are so cute and that you are 5 really talented guys!! like i said i dont have a favorite but i think that niall aand i would look the cutest together because i have blond hair, blue eyes and its kinda embarrassing to say but i have a crooked tooth!! i hope that you guys read this that way you know that i love you!!! xoxo sierra

  169. danielle says:

    Hello! I am a big fan and I live in a very small town called El Paso, Texas. I was wondering could you please do a concert here please. The people down here love you guys and we would love you to perform here. I am not originally from here but I am an army child and I might be moving soon. So I would love it for you to come before I move :) please?

  170. Julia says:

    Hello! I am your number 1 fan! I am from Gloverssville New York and i was wondering if you could come to Gloversville….I know you just came to NYC but it was to much money… so PLEASE come to Gloversville NY and lower the prices…. Do it for me! And Harry Styles!! I love you you arethe cutest thing i have ever seen! I would really love it if One Direction Came to Gloversvile May,8 thats my birthday! and that would be the best birthday present ever! Thanks!

  171. Sophie says:

    OMG is it real that I can talk to 1D?!! I am soooooo exited!! I love you Harry!!!!

  172. Bella says:

    I love u 1D I want to meet u for make a wish oh and I love u harry.:)you are awsome harry you are my fave

  173. jade bennett says:

    hi add me on fb all of u

  174. I Don’t Need You In My Life

  175. hi one direction I’m victoria break I just got out of hollywood and am traveling to Belgium for a while I hear all of your children that they like you to come again to belgium one direction let it come out for all those fans in belgium you can occur in antwerp in sportpleis up so I hope

  176. hi one direction I hope you have read my post and have been thinking about it you should not do for me, but for your fans I stay here another year plzz sure!

  177. ashley says:

    have you ever liked a fan ?? I mean really liked a fan …

  178. hello niall love ur songs

  179. Ragan Bartley Loves Niall says:

    Niall have you ever cosidered going out with a fan that is 11 and i love you so much

  180. Hey guys. I love you !! yYou are my heroes. PLease befriends on face book! It will mean the world to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. Destiny says:

    hi i love one direction harry is the hottest at my house i am dating him!!!

  182. sinead says:

    My name is sinead and im a big dying to get tickets to yere concert but theres nothing ye can do about that is there?just to let ye know im from ireland but thats not why niall is my favourite.niall is my favourite because hes nice ,he has a good personality,hes got an amazing voice and hes ssssssoooooo cute!
    i really want to meet ye badly.
    from yere no.1 fan
    p.s-i will tell ye the order of my favourtism
    niall is my first favourite,liam is my second,zayn is my third(zayn and liam are pretty much my second favourites because theyre equilly as cute,anyway)finally my fourth favouriteS are harry and louis.
    p.p.s-niall and louis are the funniest definatly

  183. sinead says:

    when i said im a big fam in my last comment i ment fan

  184. sinead says:

    hey niall
    vas happenin boys

  185. jenny says:

    all of my friends like one direction we all love u DIANNA: loves Louis <3
    WE ALL LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. Cherleah says:

    Hi One Direction if you are on please say hi to me!!!!

  187. Theo says:

    hi erm im probably one of the only one direction fans that are boys, but most of the male fans are just doing it to please their girlfriends,i genuinly think youre good. aaanyway. i love singing, do you have any tips?

  188. Aarohi says:

    Hey guys I <3 u and ur music so much. So I have some questions.
    Would you dates fan u really liked ?
    And Louis I am not lying to get u to like me but I love carrots so much I could eat them all day.
    What inspired each of you to start a singing career or try out for the X factor?
    And last but not least would you do a concert that would benefit cancer research and cancer patients ?
    <3 u guys so much

  189. yazmin says:

    i love u first zayn then harry then liam then niall then louis

  190. selena says:

    i couldnt watch the video and sry i missed it but the page awesome though well i dont know if we were supposed to answer any questions .-.

  191. tara says:

    i love 1d but thares no ticits

  192. edith says:

    i love love love love love ONE DIRECTION.. My fav. one is Zayn Malik… i love ya songs. My fav. is kiss you. GTG BYE LOVE YA….

  193. Hope says:

    OMG I can not believe I am talking to you one direction. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

  194. Dulce Hernandez says:


  195. Dulce Hernandez says:

    i love love love you guys you were awesome at the vmas and you have awesome music

  196. Ava says:

    Hey one direction hope ur having a great time wherever you are please reply;)

  197. Ava says:

    Hi one direction I have got some questions
    What would be the maximum amount of years u would date a person younger or older?
    Would u visit cancer kids at their homes?
    What do u look for in a girl?

  198. meah says:

    i love one direction if i got to see their faces in real life id totally cry my wish is to meet one direction or face chat with them id totally cry, jump, up and down, get real excited, tell all of my friends, and totally screa but like that will ever happen i totally cry everyday because of it ang because everyone alls me stupid because i love them and because they think all i think about is one direction, monster high, and zayn malik after they call me stupid i go in the bathroom and cry id love to meet them or see their faces in real life and totally pinch my self to see if it is a dream but if not id totally freak out geuss i am stupid for thinking i will meet one direction, face chat with them or they reply to me im gonna go scream cry and throw a hissy fit because every one calls me stupid by tommorow ill be know as stupid head dumboe she thinks shell meet mr. styles gonna go cry now even if i dont meet them ( sob sob sob cry cry ) heres a riddle if you can geuss it your really smart : if my catwakes up at 5:00 pm then goes back to bed and a hour later she eats some food then she wakes up at 3:00 am what time did she go to bed at? please reply sorry this is really long gonna go cry in my pillow now bye. p.s. ( sob sob sob cry cry cry boo hoo hoo )

  199. zita says:

    hi in my family i am the biggest one direction fan but that is because i am the only one direction fan too i mean one of my sister loves your guys is music but that is because i play your music all the time i wish that you guys could come to where i live do a constert here aso that i could talk to u guys nd like where you guys give me like 5 free tickies to the counsert here if u guys where guys going to do it oh and backstage pass too

  200. ana and jana says:

    <333333333333 mwamwa guys we love you

  201. olivia says:

    Hi i looooooooooooooove onedirection you rule!!!!!!!

  202. sarah says:

    hi i love u one direction and u rule and i wish i could meet u in person and i love ur songs and i got two of your albums and i love it.

  203. Holly says:

    Hi i am such a big fan of you, my friend Grace Malam has recently chatted 2 Harry and i would really appreciate if you could reply because it would mean the world 2 me! I love Harry, and my sister loves Niall and my friend loves Liam and Zayn and my other friend worships the ground Louis walks on! Me and my friend worship the ground Harry walks on and we would scream if he sent us a personal message 2 us I love you all xxxxxxxx i would marry any of you by the way :)

  204. Mihaela says:

    Hello 1D :) Kisses from Croatia :) Love ya all!

  205. Olivia Gerstenbacher says:

    Hey. The chances of ONEDIRECTION reading this is like 1-100000000000000000000000000000000 but anywa…..I love you ALL sooo much. No matter what those flying freaks say about you look how far you’ve come. You all are living everybody’s dream so enjoy it and don’t worry about the mean people. love YOUUU <33333

  206. Danielle says:

    Hi I love you guys so much

  207. if i see you i would hug you and kiss i am in love with you

  208. if i see you i would cry,hog you kiss you and everything i just love you one direction,taylor swift and justin bieber especially you harry you so are my dream boyfriend

    love shantelle gondo

  209. kittykat says:

    niall do you think 11 year olds can get on xfactor

  210. Krisitna Prokic says:

    Hayy! Do you have Harry?

  211. Carly says:

    I really love harry at school hes all i talk about him i got in troble today cus he was all i talked about .

  212. Carly says:


  213. Rebecca says:

    Hi 1D I’m a big fan plzzz. Write back xxxx

  214. Kailey says:

    Hey! huge fan! would love to meet the boys one day! yes, i realise it will never happen, but a person can dream!

  215. Anna Beatriz says:

    hello I’am,Anna !!!

  216. NiallLover123 says:

    I love Niall he is so h\ot

  217. steffany says:

    hi niall!

  218. megan says:

    yea i love you guys

  219. izzy says:

    hi one direction please dont split up. your awesome and i have all your albums on my ipod and if you split up i cant get any more and i will cry. so much.

  220. izzy says:

    hi louis me alice and sophie all love you so much. grace and emma love you niall graceie and emma c love you zayn amy jess amelia love you harry everyone loves you liam and i love all of you sooo much if i saw you in person i would like love it. and every time i play your songs on my ipod doc my dog starts howling and jumping and i take that as if shes singing and dancing to them. my brother and his friends think that your all gay and i hate him for that. my friend molly is going to one of your concerts and im well jel. theres no chance that your gonna read this so i dont know why im saying it all but oh well. one direction + izzy = one dizzy wykes (my last name) BYE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  221. malina says:

    can we talk one direction?

  222. Ellie says:

    I love u 1D

  223. Hanna says:

    I Love One Direction..

    What is they´s number´s?
    Well they come to Eurovisen Song Contest in Sweden 2013 ?

  224. Jazmine Awasis says:

    Hey guys! how are you?

  225. kayla says:

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuu Zayne Mrs.Malik i want to marry you your so damb cutteeeee your soul mate

  226. kiara says:

    ioveeeeeeeeeeeeeee you zayne your so cute and your the cuttiest guy in the world if you die i will die too i love you keep being cute you sweet heart.

  227. Molly pataky says:

    Hey this is Molly Im a HUGE fan I was wondering if I could win tickets to see you guys I’m 11 I never went to any concert plz email me back thx

  228. Sophie says:

    ew. one direction sucks. its not even music..

  229. Cat says:

    Hey wow there are a lot of responses. I don’t even know if you guys will even read this. I am one of your biggest fans. You should see my room. About any conversation that my friends and I have we always end up talking about you guys cause of me. I am obsessed with you guys. I live and breathe you guys. I wish I could come and see you guys and meet you backstage but my family doesn’t even have enough money to get tickets for a concert and they say they don’t want to spend the money on that. I would rather meet you guys then watch your concert even though I love your music. I always tell my mom and my sister that I am going to meet you one day but they always tell me that its no true and to stop telling lies. I wish I could meet you guys but my mom believes it isn’t a possibility and that it will never happen. I hope you guys are having a wonderful time wherever you guys may be. I wish i could meet you.
    P.S. I love all of you and you are all my favorite but Harry is my favorite and then Louis! I love you all and I really wish I could meet but my mom holds me back from believing i would.
    P.S. (again, sorry) I am not a fan that would scream there head off to get your attention because everyone does that and that wouldn’t give me anny attention for you guys if I am screaming my head off or till I get red.

    FAVORITE SONG- She’s Not Afraid

  230. Cat says:

    I am going to write another one because I hope to get your attention. Wow my other one was really REALLY long… probably makes me look like a freak. oh well i am a HUGE fan for you so I will be a freak if it means I get your attention. (besides screaming). When I listen to your music it gives me another life because mine isn’t the best to be around. It gives me time just to relax because my life isn’t that “relaxing” or easy to live. I really need some help and your music is all I have right now. My parents got divorced and they argue every time they see each other. it makes me really sad and angry about the whole problem. I have lived where I am for my whole life. I was born here and went to the same school since kindergarden. I have the same friends and i love them so much, but my parents are thinking of moving to another city. I can’t leave I love my friends so much I don’t want to meet new friends there. I couldn’t even imagine leaving one of my best friends. I knew her the day she was born and we do everything together. We used to live right across the street from each other. Singing is our passion and we do it together. We even have an all girl band. When we were little our band name was M twins and I was Mckayla she was Mckenzie. I don’t want to leave her and the only reason my parents are moving is so that my mom can be closer to her boyfriend which is a redneck! a redneck! I hate his son. getting through all of this is so hard but listening to your music REALLY does help. I know I might just be another fan who your just gonna ignore but I wish i could meet you and you knew what i was going through. Another thing is there is a ring on my mothers left hand and she promised she wouldn’t get remarried or keep a secret from us.. I am scared. I wish i could talk to you guys you would help….

    I have always thought I was gonna be on one of those shows where One Direction comes to my house and surprises me and all that, but I doubt that will happen.

  231. Becca says:


  232. Jade says:

    louis i love u so much that when i see u on tv i cry i love u all but louis is the best. Love you louis muahhhh

  233. paige says:

    hi i love you louis tomlinson i hope you see this message and get back to me but i love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  234. hey i love one direction

  235. Paula says:

    Hello, just to let you know im a big fan and enjoy ur music. I am jealous of your hair haha and yall are very funny. I am only 14 so im not writing this for freaky reasons. I just wanted to say hi and that I appreciate everything. I hope you get this.

  236. Danni says:

    Hi i love Zayn Malik he is the cutest mememeber in 1D. I’m am only 14 years old and i love one direction so much i love their new song it is so amazing i hope zayn will see this and reply back xxxxxxxxx

  237. Maggie says:

    hey one direction i love you all so much one day at my house i was out side swinging on my swing set singing what makes you beautiful and live while were young and one thing i love you so much that i have 4 things of you all i have a footie,backpack,poster,and a party cup.

  238. BUBBLEGUM says:

    Hi i love you harry styles

  239. Poppy Green says:

    hello i luv one direction soooo much and i luv zayne malik he is sooooo fit

  240. Sophie/soph/sops says:

    hi i am a big fan i especially love Niall he is my fav and you guys are great my best friends madi loves louis, amelia loves niall too, and amelia loves harry and my best friends cousin loves you zayn so i would love you to answer me a question do you ever argue with eachother also madi saw you at concert i love all of your songs though my other friend does not like you but i dont care and nether does my brother but that does not really matter because i think you are absolutely amazing and i have your posters everywhere on my bedroom walls have you all got pets and is so what kind and what are there names i have a dog called belle who is 2 and a guinea pig called splodge who is 5 months a bird called charlie and some quales called cali,mosh and basil by the way quales are birds like chicks but more annoying also i have fish anyway i love you niall bye!!:) :) :)

  241. Kate Mitchell says:

    Hi my name is Kate
    If you were in year nine at school and you got bullied what would you do if
    It happend non stop and not many pepole helped you out ?
    Could you plz help iam 14 and this is happening to me a lot

  242. tatyana says:

    Hi i love u guys so much just wanted to say hi

  243. sissycool says:

    i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  244. taryn says:

    hey guys:) i am like your biggest fan! i just want you to know how proud i am of you, and niall, all of this hate u get is bull. you guys are amazayn :) i wish i could see you. just wanting to let you know how proud we are of u guys, btw congrats on winning the KCA awards :) i love u guys :)

  245. sammy says:

    ohhh my god i would die for u guys i luv u so much n plzz come to the uae

  246. Kate Mitchell says:

    Hey can you guys visit kelso high school and surprise Kym in year nine she loves you guys if she ever meet you she would probley run away or scream her favroite 1d member is Niall but she likes you all
    Ps she screams and talkes very loud it herts my ears

  247. lauren "1D"ammert says:

    hiii One drection ,my name is lauren dammert. funny surname right ? enough about me!! lets talk about you guys coming to South Africa , Cape Town , Thee mother city!! and no we do not live in shacks or have Lions as pets ?!?! where did you get that from?? so please come to South Africa !! remember Cape Town first;)

    -love your number one fan
    -lauren “1D”ammert

  248. lauren "1D"ammert says:

    hi , its your biggest fan here !! so im not here to say i really love harry styles only, i love all 5 of you guys. im not here to favor just 1 or 2 of you guys im here to favor all 5 of you guys and tell you hOw much i love yous so much :D
    So the qusetion is …. brum roll please …. are you guys coming to South Africa ? or will you guys please come , for your fans here in cape town !!!

    -much love lauren “1D”ammert
    -lauren dammert <3

  249. Jade says:

    Hi, I haven’t been able to get any tickets to any of your concerts and I would like to know how I can meet you guys. I am a HUGE fan and would appreciate any reply.

  250. amir says:

    hi guys, first i have to say that i love you unfortunately , and ask you a question is there any problem for a boy to be a fan of you?
    and zayn you love ur life boy and do good things and enjoy it.
    i hope see you a day being friend with you real friends.
    if in ur tour you , you come to U.A.E will make us , your fans in Iran, happy.
    ’cause maybe Zayn knows that in iran you can’t celebrate .

  251. taylor says:

    i love u one direction espally harry styles can i chat with u sometime livee

  252. awsomeness says:

    i realy like yall music and i just want to ask why wont yall come to austin tx there are alot of fans down here if yall ever do dicide to come to austin than yall should look up a school called decker middle dont let ur fans down

  253. Lauren Jones says:

    hey one direction i love all of you and your like my world but you never come to gloucester please come to gloucester so i can go to one of your concerts i love you so much,especially LOUIS TOMLINSON<3<3<3<3

  254. Nadira says:

    I’m a big fan

  255. Naomi says:

    OMG I love u guys!! I have come to see u in concert before in Cardiff you are the best singers ever!!!

  256. maycio's crush says:

    hey 1D i love all yalls music yall are my insperation.i sing, dance and just be myself because of yalls music and it would be a honor for yall to come to my 14 birthday party and sing to me and my crush.(have yall ever had that one person that makes you feel like your on top of the world and you have no worries when this person is there because he does not judge a book by its cover)do yall understand?if yall wanna chat massage me back asap. :) ;)

  257. sara says:

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmgggggggggggggggggggggg i really love u guys

  258. ellie says:

    hello one direction i am a big fan of u and i love u i love harry and Niall and all the rest of u. i have go a lot of posters i have 1234 poster

  259. heyy says:

    heyyy iam like the biggest fan I can not come to your concert I live in Dubai (tallest building)love u harry and niall

  260. OMFG if harry niall louis liam or zayn read this and answer if you can answer i will die! im suppose to be getting tickets to see you for christmas depends how good i am in school now i am a little bitch in school no lie so i am being on my best behaviour for you guys ILOVEYOU!

  261. sakaya says:

    i love harry zayn and liam most no hard feeling plz

  262. yubeidy says:

    hello one diction I LOVE zay

  263. marie says:

    one direction rocks and ilove them all

  264. anitaj65 says:

    ily one direction <3

  265. Di'elle says:

    one direction so awesome and funny. Love you guys

  266. Di'elle says:

    Louis you so funny

  267. Di'elle says:

    Love u Harry

  268. jan xavier maniquis says:

    i love one direction from me and all filipino DIRECTIONER i love you all ♥♥♥

  269. jan xavier maniquis says:

    i love one direction from me and all filipino DIRECTIONER i love you all ♥ ♥ ♥ so much ☺ ☺ ☺

  270. chloe123 says:

    i love u harry and Louis and naill and laim and zany call me on 07505181174
    I love u call me

  271. Madison Kirkman says:

    I love one direction

  272. Adrienne says:

    I love one direction

  273. amanda says:

    i 1D LUV YA

  274. selah says:

    omg! hi zany malik I love u!

  275. Abby says:

    Hi guys. One direction boys if you are reading this, I just want to say that you guys are amazing and are so talented. I am really happy for you guys and hope your career goes on well. Best of wishes, Abby. Plus if you can, email me. I’d be delighted to talk to you. Feel free to because I don’t brag about how much I like you guys. Thanks :)

  276. deniya says:

    hey you guys love you sooo much

  277. Ola says:

    i love you Hazz

  278. Jasminexx says:

    OMG I totally love Niall Horan he is soooo cute and handsome

  279. alexandra says:

    hey guys i really like your music and im a huge fan (:

  280. Lina says:

    Hi im Lina <3

  281. Aleysya says:

    I love 1d

  282. Alicia says:

    I love you louis tomlinson

  283. kate says:

    hey guys , I love you guys and your music when im down bc of a boy I listen to your music and I feel better and I always jam ou to you music and I love you guys for you and not your fame

  284. Pinkie Pie says:

    Hi Guys i am a big fan !! You guys are so funny!!

  285. lexie says:

    Hi guys I’m a really big fan:) love the music keep it up;)
    Niall ur my fav band member if I ever met you
    That would be all my dreams coming true in 1 go xx

  286. Kaitlyn says:

    I love one direction

  287. Kaitlyn says:

    I love Zayn so much

  288. onedirection says:

    I love onedirection no one love one direction as mush as I do

  289. ShanLuvU says:

    one direction are tots fab & amazing xoxoxo

  290. ShanLuvU says:

    if i had to chose the best band i would say……………

  291. Heyyyy what’s ya favorite color

  292. Ellie says:

    Hi I love you guys so much one direction are so sexy and hot

  293. Ellie says:

    I love you guys I am only 10 year old I want to see you in real life xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx omg you are a amazing

  294. Patty says:

    I love one direction. My favourities is Zayn <3

  295. ava says:

    i love 1d!!!!!:)

  296. Dylan says:

    hello harry how are you from Dylan

  297. kaitlyn says:

    i love harry xxxxxxxxxxxx

  298. Meganmorgan says:

    Hi how are you guys

  299. Angelina says:

    I can’t wait to see y’all this summer

  300. kimberly says:

    hey just wanted to reach out and say you guys inspire me and that I love you till this world ends

  301. miranda says:

    you guys inspire me and you guys got amazing voices

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