About Us

OneDirectionFans.Net is a fansite created by fans, for fans. We are not associated with One Direction in any way. They do not even know about the site. This fansite used to be owned by several others but currently, I, Akanksha am the owner of the site and all the updates are by me. This site was re-opened on January 1st, 2012! We don’t own any of the content published on the site. No copyright infringement is intended.

How I came about forming this site?
One year ago, I came to know about One Direction, their music and their flawlessness and became a huge fan ;D Even though I was really busy with school & I knew I needed to concentrate on my studies and stuff, and that making a fansite on them was going to be time-consuming, I couldn’t control myself. I just had to. So, I decided to make a fansite for them (: And, well. Yeah. Here it is :’D And I am so grateful to all the visitors who have helped me get through one year of this site and I hope this site sees many more years to come :’D