One of the biggest benefits to register and play at online casino sites, it is the fact that these are almost never misers in terms of promotions.Eager to attract more players on their platforms online, casinos offer free gifts, free hours of play, the bonus cash back and more. Then, for the reward because they remain in the vicinity, they offer additional promotions and offers. Online casino players who like huge bonuses will love play Casino Betchan. With promotions for the weekends, happy hours and holidays, as well as several offers for VIP club members, email subscribers and fans of certain games, there are plenty of opportunities for players to earn free money on this Casino.

Welcome bonus

Online casinos attract as many players thanks to the welcome bonus. These bonus offer some free game time to players who sign up to try out the games. This allows players to make a certain minimum deposit before getting involved in the games. The Betchan online casino welcome bonus is certainly one of the most generous. Indeed, players who register and make an immediate deposit in cash can receive a bonus of 400% as matching funds, and this up to €1,000 on their first deposit. However, to qualify for this bonus, players must enter the code “ELECTRIC400” at the level of the Betchan casino cashier, and meet certain conditions of bet. Once this is done, they can do whatever they want with the bonus money.

Regular promotions on the casino Betchan

Betchan casino also has a number of ongoing promotions to maintain the enthusiasm of their loyal players to the games it offers them. Crazy Sunday regularly gives awards and bonus on deposit to the players. The Happy Hour prices change weekly, special codes sent by mail are available for access to free games, and there are also surprises of bonus cash back. Players can even earn 10% cash back just by playing the right game at the right time. The only way to learn more about these promotions is to subscribe to the newsletter of the casino and enter the appropriate codes.

In order to stay competitive in the market growing slots games slots online, online casinos have worked hard to develop and integrate new technologies into their regular offerings. Some of the more recent innovations allow players to experience of machines slot in a way they have never imagined before. These new technologies allow players to integrate social media and social interaction in their experience, and all this with new graphics in 3D and even mobile gaming options. In view of what is already done, it is exciting to think about what the future could bring more.

Graphics in 3D

Most of the online casinos have already begun to incorporate 3D graphics in their games machine slot casino. Players now have the feel of playing in a real casino with interactive levers, buttons, and betting chips. In addition, the popular video slot machines began to introduce longer and more exciting entertainment with recognizable characters from pop culture. Images of Marvel and DC Comics add excitement to the experience of online slot machines.

Social and interactive Slot Machines

Players can also enjoy new social and interactive components in their slots games. Casinos work with Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites to give the game more interactivity possible. Players can even join social networks within their own casinos. There are chat rooms, options to bet live, and much more, so that the players feel the social character of a real casino experience.

Games Mobile of Betchan casino

The largest market for new slots games, this is the mobile market. Games designed specifically for tablets and mobile devices such as cell phones represent the largest market share in the industry of online betting games. Online casinos are only beginning to see the potential of mobile slots, and they begin to deploy new offerings in the place of their most loyal players. As this technology is constantly improving, players are likely to have many more games Mobile slots for their entertainment, in the very near future.